We at ALLJET understand that organ transportation is one of the most delicate and risky steps in a transplant procedure, and speed is key. We therefore have a medical team with the necessary expertise to provide the fastest, most efficient air transport available, coordinating with ground staff to avoid delays that might jeopardize the mission and the transplant. We have all the logistics and structures in place for this lifesaving task.

We also have aircrafts of varied performances, which allow us to expedite the transportation of medical transplant teams dispatched to pick up donor patients or organs and ensure the greatest probability of success for this highly complex procedure.

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    Executive Air Service

    Our goal is to provide a personalized service. Because we understand the value of our customers’ time, we handle the entire flight process, from reservation to final destination, while ensuring safety and comfort throughout the journey. ALLJET – Excellence in Flight, Exemplary in Healthcare


    Airborne ICU

    The comfort of our patients and their caregivers is very important to us. In addition to their technical qualifications, our medical team members understand the fragile state of patients during transportation and offer compassionate care throughout their journey. ALLJET – Excellence in Flight, Exemplary in Healthcare


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