A differentiated flight begins with the reservation.

For ALLJET, safety, speed, privacy and comfort are vital to guaranteeing success and customer loyalty.

We offer our customers private waiting areas and conference rooms to ensure complete privacy during their journey with us.

We strive for excellence in providing our customers with the highest level of comfort. Customers and their guests will be met at the airport and will be provided all necessary services to ensure a top-notch flight experience.

Our team is fully committed to ensuring our customers’ wellbeing throughout their journey, from beginning to end.

ALLJET is also a pet-friendly company, offering these loyal companions the same level of comfort and service provided to their owners during their journey.

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    Airborne ICU

    The comfort of our patients and their caregivers is very important to us. In addition to their technical qualifications, our medical team members understand the fragile state of patients during transportation and offer compassionate care throughout their journey. ALLJET – Excellence in Flight, Exemplary in Healthcare


    Organ Transportation

    Our organ transportation service provides an aircraft suitable for each situation and a team specifically qualified for this type of transport, ensuring a quick and safe process. ALLJET – Excellence in Flight, Exemplary in Healthcare


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